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Removalists Ipswich to Mackay

Moving families from Ipswich to Mackay for well over 100 years.

Whybirds Removals – find a mover to trust with your move from Ipswich to Mackay

Whybirds was started in Queensland in 1857, and from the time of its founding has been a family-owned and operated business. With over 160 years of experience, Whybirds is the oldest moving company in Australia and one of the most trusted removalists in the country.
Ipswich families can count on Whybirds to provide a reliable moving service that ensures the safety of their goods, and your family is well looked after every step of the way. There are many good reasons to trust your move with Whybirds, here are a few:

  • Whybirds move more families from Ipswich to Mackay than any other removalist
  • Investment in training our own teams of removalists, as well owning our own fleet of trucks and road trains gives us a huge advantage over our competitors.
  • Being family-owned and operated, Whybirds has been consistently supporting local community causes around the Queensland and Northern Territory regions as long as the company has existed.
  • Established in 1857, Whybirds has survived depressions, pandemics, two world wars, fires, dust storms, and floods, and is still going strong after more than 160 years.
  • Our customers consistently send us wonderful reviews (please do check them out and see for yourself).
  • Our repeat customer business is over 70% of what we do and continues to increase.
  • Our core operations are in Queensland and Northern Territory, and we have teams all across the regions.

We plan every move individually, and our removals teams recognise that each move is unique. Each house removal plan is created to reflect the individual needs of each family, and the schedule on which you need to move.

We regularly celebrate staff anniversaries, with many great team members staying with the Whybirds team for decades. Awesome people are core to the success of our business, and we love to celebrate those milestones with our colleagues. Just read our reviews, and see how our people make a difference for customers just like you.

Whybirds has been servicing moves to and from Ipswich and different parts of Australia, partnering with other specialised service providers to provide quality moves for every family. Since it started operating, Whybirds has become the leading furniture removalists and storage services provider in Ipswich, offering reliable and cost-effective moving services. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you – let’s get started by helping you with a free quote today!

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Cost of Removalist Ipswich to Mackay

Finding a moving company that offers the quality of moving service you need, at the time you need it, at the price that fits in your budget can be challenging. We’ve outlined a few key factors that will impact the price of your move in order to help you understand how you can potentially reduce your moving costs.

  • Move Size – any removalist will estimate this in cubic metres (cbm). Your fridge is about one cubic metre, a queen sized bed is around 1.7cbm, and a small one bedroom apartment holds about 10cbm of items. A larger family home is typically going to be over 35cbm.
  • Distance between houses – in this case, the distance from Ipswich to Mackay is about 1,005 km. Your belongings (furniture and personal effects) will be transported via truck from Ipswich to Mackay. As a general rule, the longer the distance, the higher the cost.
  • Seasonality – Australians prefer moving during the summer. The majority of home sales, job moves, and business moves occur between November and February. During the summer months, the spike in demand causes moving companies to strain their resources, resulting in a price spike of at least 10%.

  • Access – Our removalists can lift or trolley your things as far as needed, but of course, that takes longer, so our preference is always to be able to park as close to your home as possible.
  • Heavy and Bulky Items – Moving bulky or heavy items requires assistance sometimes. Stone garden ornaments, pool tables, pianos, all might require an extra man to help with the lift. Let us know in advance if you will be moving heavy and bulky items during your move and we’ll staff your move appropriately and make sure our removalists have the proper equipment to safely transport your belongings.
  • Early Booking – Make sure to book at least two months in advance if you are moving during the summer. During the winter months, a month is usually sufficient for scheduling. It is more likely that any quality removalist will give you a better price if you book as early as possible.

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To give you an idea of cost, a 10-15 cbm move from Ipswich to Mackay is likely to be around $150-$160 per cbm. For larger moves, the price per cbm drops quickly as the volume increases.

What to expect with Ipswich to Mackay Removals?


If you’re currently in Ipswich, and would know that Ipswich is known for several significant firsts including the opening of the first Medicare office in Australia (1984), the opening of the first Queensland coal mine (1843) by John Williams at Redbank, the establishment of the first Queensland racecourse — “the Grange” racecourse — which is located in Raceview, and many others.

Ipswich is also said to be where the famous lamington cake was first baked, and was presented to the Governor during the opening of the Ipswich Technical College in June 1900. Being the oldest provincial city in Queensland, Ipswich is renowned for its architectural, natural, and cultural heritage.

During your stay, you may have visited some of its historical buildings and homes, as well as more than 6000 heritage-listed sites. If you feel that you are ready to move on and continue living in a new city, it will be beneficial for you to know some interesting facts about the new city you’re moving to.


Mackay is a bustling, modern coastal city located 954km north of Brisbane. It is known as the Sugar Capital of Australia as it produces more than a third of the country’s sugar. Before the arrival of the Europeans in the area, Mackay was home to the Yuwi Aboriginal People.
Captain James Cook was the first European to reach the area in 1770 and named it Cape Palmerston. In May 1860, explorer Captain John Mackay arrived in the area after travelling overland. The city was later named after him.

Once you’ve finished unpacking your belongings and you’re ready to explore your surroundings, you can start getting to know your new home by visiting some of its most popular attractions including The Masonic Temple, World War I Cenotaph, Harbour Beach and Mackay Marina, Cape Hillsborough National Park, Greenmount Historic Homestead, and several others.

Your move from Ipswich to Gold Coast

Will see you moving 1,005km. No matter what your reason is for moving to Mackay, you can count on our removalists to provide you with a reliable and hassle-free move. Whybirds Removals & Storage has a team of professional local movers in Ispwich who are trained in packing and handling all kinds of furniture and personal effects to ensure they are less susceptible to damage. Once you are ready to get a quote or you wish to discuss the details of your move with one of our moving consultants, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team by calling 1300 653 884.

Whether you’re moving to Mackay for a new scenery or to be closer to work, retirement, or anything else, Whybirds can provide you with a quality moving experience. Once you are ready to get a quote or start talking with one of our move consultants, please feel free to contact our team of local movers in Ipswich by calling 1300 653 884, or start your free quote process here.

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Buy Moving Boxes Ipswich

If you’d like to get started with just buying some moving boxes, there’s a little more information on moving boxes here, or just reach out to us for more information.

Backload Ipswich to Mackay

Backloads are often assumed to be a low cost way of moving. The costs are about the same, but with AFRA-certified moving companies, you will receive a better level of service. Why not reach out to one of our move consultants and get a quote for your move from us, and see if you’re really saving as much as you think!

Car Transport Ipswich to Mackay

Whybirds provides vehicle transport services throughout Australia for our moving customers, but we realise you’re not going to need it for this move unless your car is coming from somewhere else, click to learn more if your car is coming from further afield.

Distance from Ipswich to Mackay

The distance is 1005km according to Google Maps, and it suggests that non-stop driving will take you about 11.5hours.

Furniture Storage Ipswich

Whybirds can store your furniture in our safe and secure purpose-built warehouses around Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Dog Transport Ipswich to Mackay

Let the Whybirds team take care of your pet transport needs. To ensure your pet is well cared for, we only work with Australia’s best pet moving companies. You’re not going to need this service for your move to Mackay, but if your pet is coming from somewhere else, we can help with that!

Fun Facts about Ipswich

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Fun Facts about Mackay

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