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Interstate Pet Transport

Door to door pet transport Australia Pet Transport Interstate

Your pet is part of your family, so we completely understand that getting your Pooch or Kitty to your new home safely and stress free is going to be a critical part of your planning.

Interstate pet transport is a specialist service. If you have the time, then driving from your current home to your new one, pet in the car, is going to be your first and best option. Less stress for your pet, and a great excuse for a family road trip.

However, if you don’t have the time to make the road trip, we have you covered. Door to door pet transport, and interstate animal transport is something we do on a daily basis for our customers.

Whilst our drivers would probably love to have company in the cab of our Interstate furniture moving trucks, we’ve long favoured using a professional door to door pet transport service, and depending on where you and your pet are moving to, we’ll arrange that for you.

If you do check cat and dog movers reviews prior and have a preference for which service provider you’d like to use for your pet delivery service, don’t hesitate to let our moving consultant know, and we’ll make sure they are the provider for your move. We move hundreds of pets every year, so our ability to get excellent corporate pricing on your behalf is of course a given.

Interstate Dog Transport Comfort

We can move your pet domestically, or internationally in air conditioned comfort to minimise any stress on them during the move
Any vaccinations, quarantine requirements, or documentation that is needed will be fully briefed to you as part of the service
Every pet is an individual, and will be treated as such by our caring team, making sure that any special medical or dietary requirements are taken care of.

Dog Transport Interstate Challenges

For some pets, and particularly larger dogs and breeds that may have breathing issues (eg especially short snout breeds like Pugs and some bulldogs), transporting at certain times of the year is not recommended due to heat and possible flight delays that may not be ideal for your pet. If that is the case, we’ll work with you to find an alternative that works, perhaps short term pet boarding, or road transport if that is available.