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Removalists Darwin to Hervey Bay

Moving families from Darwin to Hervey Bay for over 100 years

Whybirds Removals – find a mover to trust with your move from Darwin to Hervey Bay

As a successful, family-owned Australian removals business with over 160 years of experience, our heritage shows why we are one of the most trusted removalists in the country. Whybirds Removals & Storage offers a tailored service that ensures your family and your furniture are looked after every step of the way. Here are a few of the reasons to trust Whybirds with your move:

  • Established in 1857, and still going strong after more than 160 years.
  • Consistently great reviews from our customers.
  • Over 70% of our customers are repeat customers.
  • Operations all throughout Queensland and Northern Territory.
  • Moving more families from Darwin to Harvey Bay than almost any other removalist.
  • Our own fleet of trucks and roadtrains traversing up and down the East Coast, and into the outback on a daily basis.
  • Family owned and operated, and proudly supporting local community causes around the Queensland and Northern Territory regions.

Every move is different, and our removals teams recognise this with removal plans that are built to reflect the uniqueness of every family that we move.

With Whybirds, you’ll discover that it’s our people that make the difference. Just read our reviews, and see what customers like you say about our amazing people.

Serving Darwin and surrounding areas for generations, Whybirds is the furniture removalist and furniture storage services provider of choice in the area, providing reliable and cost-effective solutions for Australians for well over 100 years. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you – let’s get started by helping you with a free quote today!

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Cost of Removalist Darwin to Hervey Bay

The cost of hiring a removalist is likely going to be one of the first questions you ask, and whilst the answer is not really that straightforward, we’d like to help you at least understand how you can manage those costs, and minimise them where possible.

Here’s a breakdown of the key factors that will influence the price of your move:

  • Move Volume – we estimate this in cubic metres (cbm). A small studio apartment might be 5cbm or more, and a large family home is typically at least 35cbm.
  • Distance between origin and destination – in this case, the distance from Darwin to Hervey Bay is about 3,300 km. We use transport goods on rail on some lanes, and roads where that is not possible. In general, the longer that distance, the higher the cost
  • Seasonality – Pricing across the country is always higher during peak season in the summer by at least 10%, and Darwin experiences a peak that is often a bit higher than that. Removalists across Australia are in high demand in the summer – they work long hours, weekends, and its tough work – and that inevitably means average costs are higher at that time of the year.

    • Access – If our moving trucks can’t park right by your property, then our removalists spend more time walking to the truck. That’s ok, but it means your move takes longer, and in some cases, we need to keep a staff member as security on the truck.
    • Heavy and Bulky Items – Our removalists are strong, and have all the right gear to move your heavy items, but on some items they require an extra man (or more) to help them move it.
    • Early Booking – If you book early, you’ll almost always get better pricing than if you book late. If you’re moving in summer, book at least two months ahead to avoid disappointment. In the winter, one month is typically ok.


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As an indication of cost, a 5-10cbm move from Darwin to Hervey Bay is likely to be around $380-$385 per cbm. Pricing per cbm goes down quickly as volume increases.

What to expect with Darwin to Hervey Bay Removals?


When you first moved to Darwin or during your stay, you may have been one of the curious folks who wanted to learn about the history and culture of the city you’re living in. Even if you’re not a fan of history, you’ve probably picked up a thing or two from classes, friends or maybe even guided tours around the city. Darwin is one of the cities that have risen and flourished after it was devastated by both man-made and natural disasters. During WWII, the city served as a major military base for the Allied troops in the Pacific and was bombed on 19 February 1942 by the same fleet that bombed Pearl Harbour. More than 30 years after that, several parts of Darwin were once again left in ruins after Cyclone Tracy struck the city in December 1974. After some reconstruction and recovery efforts, Darwin has become one of Australia’s fastest-growing cities — leading to increased demand for skilled workers. However, if you’ve found your next opportunity in Hervey Bay, then read on.

Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is a small city situated on the coast of the Fraser Coast Region in Queensland. For several years, sugar cane was the city’s primary industry. It was also promoted as the Caravan Capital of Australia sometime between 1960-70 because the city has approximately 23 caravan parks. One of the city’s most popular beaches is the Urangan beach which attracts visitors from all over Australia. Whilst many people who travel to the area often visit to see the Urangan Pier which was originally built in 1917, intended to export sugar, timber, and coal. Hervey Bay is also known as the whale watching capital of Australia. When you’re not busy working or doing some activities with your family and friends, consider taking the opportunity to witness humpback whales migrating along the coast between April and October.

Your move from Darwin to Hervey Bay

If you’re moving from Darwin to Hervey Bay, you will be around 3300km away (35 hours non-stop driving) from your old home. Our team in Darwin will complete uplift of your furniture in one day for most homes, before transport your goods to Hervey Bay. We have road trains that travel across the outback between Darwin and Hervey Bay several times a week, transporting precious family memories the distance in several days. Give our long haul drivers a friendly wave if you see them on the road – it can get lonely out there on Australia’s long roads and they’d love to get a wave in return!

Whether you’re moving to Hervey Bay to pursue better career opportunities or for a change of scenery, you can count on our team of reliable removalists to assist you with your move. If you want a quote or are interested in speaking with one of our moving experts about your move, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at (08) 8947 1922. If you require assistance in vehicle transport from Darwin to Hervey Bay or you need moving boxes in Darwin to prepare your belongings, our team will be delighted to help.

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Car Transport Darwin to Hervey Bay

Whybirds provides vehicle transport services throughout Australia for our moving customers, click to learn more.

Distance from Darwin to Hervey Bay

The distance is 3,300km according to Google Maps, and it suggests that non-stop driving will take you about 35 hours.

Furniture Storage Darwin

Whybirds can store your furniture in our safe and secure purpose-built warehouses around Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Dog Transport Darwin to Hervey Bay

Let the Whybirds team take care of your pet transport needs (cats welcome too!).  We only work with Australia’s best pet moving companies to ensure your pet is properly cared for.

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