At Whybirds, we’re very proud of our heritage. Not many companies can claim a legacy that dates back to its founding in 1857, and we’re still going strong!

So, when we see the name “Whybird” around Brisbane and Ipswich, we automatically assume that it has something to do with the founding family of Whybirds Removals, and one of the most influential families in the region’s development.

Our trucks travel over this bridge often and we wondered how long it had been there, and why it was named “Whybird Bridge”. After a little amateur sleuthing, the local council shared that the name was decided on by “local community influence”, and a desire to name it after the well-known Whybird family in respect of their significant contributions to the area. The name was decided in July 2009, and the bridge (in Bundamba), was completed in December 2009.

The Whybirds Bridge Mystery Solved!
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