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Locally owned and operated, Whybirds is the trusted name in Australia’s removals industry, proudly providing moving services to generations of Toowoomba families since 1857. For a predictably reliable and cost effective moving experience, Whybirds is the furniture removalist and furniture storage services provider of choice in Toowoomba and surrounding regions. Our moving team is looking forward to hearing from you – let’s get it started by helping you with a free quote today!

Furniture Removalists and Furniture Storage Toowoomba

With our head office based in Ipswich, we have a team of local and interstate removalists regularly in Toowoomba who are trained to provide the highest level of removals service to our customers. Our moving consultants can give you an end to end overview of the moving process and answer any questions you may have about what your move experience will be like with Whybirds – making you well prepared for the day when our trucks and removals teams turn up to start the uplift for you. Whether you’re simply moving across the street, or you’re going further afield interstate, intrastate, overseas, or just need furniture storage for a while – our friendly removalist team is eager to help, and get the job done for you. Why wait? Let us get the process started with you by completing our easy to use free quote, and see what Whybirds can do for you!

If you’re moving not too far away from the Toowoomba area, then like most of our happy customers, you’ll most likely drive your own vehicle. But, if your move is a bit further away and you’re not keen on driving for days to get where you’re going, then let us know and we’ll do all the arrangements for your interstate vehicle transport needs.But let’s not overlook the four-legged family members – one of the key considerations of any family move! Your pets are no doubt going to be confused about what is going on, and for this reason, Whybirds always recommend making sure that only the best professional pet moving companies are used to support this part of your family move. Whybirds works with the very best pet moving companies in Australia to ensure that your pets are taken care of just as well as you could if you were taking them yourself. If you need help moving your pet as part of your move, just ask your Whybirds Move Consultant for some guidance on that, and they’d be only too happy to arrange everything needed to ensure that your interstate pet transport goes smoothly in the hands of Australia’s pet moving specialists.

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Over 100 years of Interstate Removals Toowoomba Experience

Whybirds has been serving Toowoomba families for over 100 years, back before the days when Toowoomba was even a town (Toowoomba was established as a town in 1858, Whybirds was founded the year before, in 1857). Generations of Toowoomba families have moved with Whybirds, finding our reliability and dedication to our loyal customer base in Toowoomba second to none. No move is too big or too small, and our fleet of trucks and containers send customer goods up and down the Queensland Coast, back and forth to Toowoomba, into the Australian outback townships, and through to major cities across Australia on a daily basis.

Our ongoing support of the local communities in the Queensland and Northern Territory areas have been a consistent part of what we stand for as a family-owned business, and has been that way since our founder began the business in Ipswich in 1857.

Our teams are used to navigating difficult moves, but it makes it easier on everyone if they know in advance what they are going to encounter.

Toowoomba seasonality is also something to consider, and it moves generally in line with the removals industry in Queensland and most other states very predictably each year. If you move from November to February, pricing increases during this peak season for all removalists. As many removalists may be based in Brisbane, you’ll find that rates for Toowoomba may be more impacted than most at that time of the year. Our best advice if you need to move during the peak season is to make sure you book in early with a quality AFRA registered removalist – not just to get the best pricing, but also to get reassurance that your move is booked in and you won’t be looking around at the last minute for an unbooked removalist to support you (and booking at the last minute is going to mean that you’ll pay much more, and are unlikely to find a reputable company with sufficient capacity to help when you need it).

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Serviced Areas – Does Whybirds do Furniture Removals in my area?

Your home is as unique as your fingerprint, making every house move a tailored experience. The nature of our profession is that we tailor each move individually to customer needs, from the most straightforward local moves to very high-end interstate and international celebrity moves. Our solid infrastructure across our part of the country allows us to provide a full suite of services, including business, local, interstate, Intrastate, and international moving services, as well as providing secure furniture storage services in our warehouses throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory. If you’re looking for removalist services in the Toowoomba area, please click here for your free quote. If you’re not in Toowoomba, but in the surrounding areas, we service that too…. You can find more specific information the main areas below

Brisbane Removalists

Servicing all suburbs of Brisbane including everywhere from Bribie Island down to Beenleigh, and Gatton in the West.

Sunshine Coast Removalists

Whybirds regularly services inbound and outbound moves to all areas of the Sunshine Coast region and beyond, including all the popular areas from Noosa Heads down to Caloundra.

Ipswich Removalists

Whybirds has a major logistics hub based in Ipswich, so it’s no surprise that we have a very strong service capability in Brisbane and the areas around Ipswich.

Tweed Heads Removalists

Growing fast, and ever popular location for our customers to move to, Whybirds services Tweed Heads regularly as part of our Gold Coast services, even though it’s technically across the border in NSW!

Hervey Bay Removalists

Known as a wonderful retirement location, with a growing local economy. Hervey Bay sees a lot of people moving there from Toowoomba.

We’re in the major suburbs around the Toowoomba area on a daily basis, and service all the areas around the Toowoomba – we’ve put a few of the major ones below for you. We service all of these areas around the greater Toowoomba region, and have moving trucks and experienced teams working all throughout the Greater Toowoomba region every day of the week. Don’t worry if you don’t see your suburb area here, we have offices all throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory to support your move, just ask for a quote and we’d be happy to help.

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Toowoomba Trivia Facts!

Heres a few facts about the Toowoomba to lighten your day!

1. There are different claims on the origin of Toowoomba’s name. Some locals say that the name was derived from the Aboriginal word “tawampa” meaning “swamp”. Whilst others believe that it was a variation on “woomba woomba” meaning “reeds in the swamp”.

2. Toowoomba is the second-largest inland city in Australia, after Canberra. The city has a population of over 165,000 residents.

3. Toowoomba is home to Australia’s oldest pub. Located just beyond the Highfields, The Farmers Arms Pub is the oldest surviving pub in the country and has been operating since 1863.

4. Toowoomba hosts the annual Carnival of Flowers, the longest-running event of its kind. Those who visit the town during spring are welcomed by a vibrant array of colourful flowers on the streets.

5. There are plenty of famous people who originated from Toowoomba including Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush, boxer Michael Katsidis, country music veteran Gina Jeffreys, and Australia’s 15th Prime Minister Frank Forde.

6. Chosen as the site for the RAAF No.7 Inland Aircraft Fuel Depot, Toowoomba played a crucial role for the Allies during WWII.

7. The most “liked” attractions in Toowoomba according to tripadvisor, is the Japanese gardens.

8. The first appendectomy in Australia was performed in Toowoomba on 11 March 1893 to patient Emma Webb. The surgery was successful, with the patient making a full recovery and outliving her surgeon.

9. The Wellcamp Airport in Toowoomba is the first privately funded major Airport in Australia.

10. In 1919, only a year after the end of WWI, a veteran named Captain Harrington spent the morning of Anzac Day placing flowers on WWI graves and memorials around Toowoomba, marking the event as the first unofficial Anzac Day Dawn Service.

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