One of our office staff heard a rumour that Removalists regularly walk more than 30,000 steps in a day. We decided to ask the ultimate question… Is this

We started with a bit of research. There was a post last month on a furniture removalist page that asked the group how many steps they did in a day, here were some of the answers :

  • “35,000 steps in a 10-12 hour day”
  • “Anywhere from 15-50k steps”
  • “Sitting on 22k today”
  • “38k was my most memorable”
  • “Up to 30k a few years back”

Now, we’re a removals company. We know that removalists are fit, strong, and generally great people… but we also know that given half a chance they become like fishermen, and just might tend to exaggerate how large that catch was! 

So we sent out one of our office guys with a top crew in Brisbane, and we secretly had him turn on the pedometer in his smartwatch.  He’s getting on a bit and seen better days, so try as he might, he was still a bit slower than the professional removalists he was working with, and we estimate that the other guys did maybe 25% more steps than him.  

So, from our scientific experiment, the results are in!  Our office worker on the job for the day (7.5-hour shift) helped unload one full container, then load another almost-full container, and covered 30km with 23,416 steps.

So, do the math… 23,416 +25% = 29,270 steps!

That’s close enough, so we’re making the call….. it’s a FACT!

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Are Removalists the fittest people?
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