Self Pack Shipping Containers Rentals and Removalists in Australia

Whybirds Transport offers a budget self pack shipping containers service that is second to none. For families on a budget, or those that prefer to manage their own packing and unpacking, Whybirds Transport offers the cheapest way to safely transport your goods from your old home to your new residence.

Cheapest way to move to another state

Depending on your budget and the amount of time you can spare to prepare for the move, you can choose a packing service that is suitable for your needs.

If you have ample time to prepare for the move, opting for a self-pack container can help you save money that can be used for other more important things. With this service, you may take your time packing your belongings into your container.

If you don’t have much time to pack everything, you can always opt for professional pre-packing services. You will have to pay for the additional service, but it will help save time and energy that you can use to accomplish more important tasks (Finding the Kids a new school to attend). Professional removalists will pack your belongings into cartons for you using AFRA minimum standards and specialised equipment to make your things less susceptible to damage, as well as maximise the container space you may require.

Why choose Whybirds for your shipping container removals needs?

  • Consistently receives great reviews from our customers.
  • Over 70% of our customers are repeat customers.
  • Operations throughout Queensland and Northern Territory.
  • Our own fleet of trucks and roadtrains traversing up and down the East Coast, and into the outback on a daily basis.
  • Family-owned and operated, and proudly supporting local community causes around the Queensland and Northern Territory regions

Cheap Interstate Removals with self pack shipping containers

Contact our team to discuss the details of the move. It will help determine the requirements of your move, including what container size is most suitable to your needs. Once the details of the move have been finalised, the container will be delivered to your home.

  • Is this service available in my area?
    We have depots in Darwin and Brisbane, as well as partner removalists Australia-wide. Wherever you are moving, you can rest assured that Whybirds Removals & Storage will be there to provide you with a moving package that is suitable for your needs.
  • What are the sizes of available containers?
20ft Shipping Container
High Cube (HC) Container
20ft Shipping Container
General Purpose (GP) Containers
Capacity 38 cubic metres 33 cubic metres
Length 6 metres 6 metres
Width 2.35 metres 2.35 metres
Height 2.7 metres 2.35 metres


20ft Shipping Container High Cube
Our containers have several tie-off points for securing your goods no matter where you place them. They are also equipped with vapour vents to reduce condensation buildup within the container.

Tie-off points are located throughout the container, allowing you to easily secure your goods once they are loaded. The containers are also equipped with vapour vents to reduce condensation buildup inside the container.

If you’re moving a lot of things to your new home, we recommend that you use two 20 ft shipping containers for residential moves.

  • Are there additional requirements or paperwork for this service?
    Most of the time, there are no additional requirements for packing your own container. However, if your residence is located in an apartment complex, you will need the approval of the property manager since placing a container in the area might disrupt other residents.
  • Am I required to purchase insurance for my goods?
    While it is not required, purchasing accurate insurance for the cost of your goods in transit is highly recommended. You may purchase one from us or from your preferred insurance provider.

As soon as the container arrives at your residence, you may pack and load your things into it at your own pace. Loading yourself will ensure you know where to find everything when it’s time to unload everything into your new home.

  • Are you going to provide the packing materials?
  • How much time will you give me to finish packing my container?
    From the time you have the empty container dropped off, you have 4 weeks to complete your move. It is best to keep this in mind when thinking about how long it may take you to pack and unpack your belongings.

Tips on how to pack a shipping container with household goods

  • What can I pack in my container?
    You may pack almost any household item in your container. At the moment, we advise against packing potted plants and other perishable goods as it may take longer for containers to arrive due to quarantine guidelines for different areas. For safety purposes, bringing the items listed below is strictly prohibited:
    – Flammable liquids
    – Explosives
    – Toxins and poisons
    – Firearms
    – Flammable gases
    – Corrosives
    – Pornographic material
    – Radioactive materials
    – Ivory
    – Miscellaneous items* such as scuba tanks, matches, gas cylinders etc
  • How can I ensure my possessions are secured?
    Keeping your belongings safe and secure at all times is paramount. Hence, we highly recommend that you provide your own lock for the container to limit the number of people who have access to your belongings. To avoid damage to packed items, make sure that heavy boxes or pieces of furniture are wrapped and strapped properly.

Once all of your belongings are packed into your container, give us a call and we will arrange for them to be picked up and shipped off to your new home.

  • How long will it take to transport my container?
    The duration will depend on the distance between your old residence and your new home. You may contact our team to provide you with an estimate or to ask for updates on when your container will arrive.

With four weeks’ rent included you may take your time unpacking your container and setting up your new home. Once you’re finished with the container, contact our team and we will arrange for the empty container to be picked up from your residence.

  • Will I be given additional time to unpack?
    Unfortunately, we can only allow you up to 4 weeks to pack and unpack your containers. Should you require more time to get things done, we advise that you contact our team immediately to make the arrangement suited for your needs.
  • Are you going to collect the packing materials?
    Yes. Once you have finished unpacking your belongings, you may contact our team to make an arrangement for our movers to collect the materials and the container from your residence.

What are the benefits of using self pack shipping containers?

  • Cost-efficient
    Compared to hiring professionals to pack your things into a container, doing it yourself will help save money that you can use for other moving expenses. It might take you longer to get everything ready, but a self-pack option is recommended if your budget to move is limited. It also allows you more flexibility with the time required to move.
  • Quality Control
    Another positive note about self-packing is that it gives you more control over how you pack your belongings. Knowing where everything is will make it easier for you to locate the items you need when you reach your new home.
  • Less Stress
    When you opt for a self-pack option, certain aspects of the packing process may be less stressful for you since you don’t have to rush everything. This option also allows you to control the pace of the work done each day or week. You won’t have to worry about rushing to load and unload all your belongings in the moving containers as long as you are able to complete the move within the time allotted for container lease.

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